The best advice I can give is from a talk by Elder Oaks: ”Last year a church member sent me a suggestion that someone prepare a book containing all General Authority interpretations of all verses in the scriptures. I replied that I thought this was not a good idea…. What we are seeking to accomplish… is not to magnify the standing of the prophets but to elevate the spirituality of our rank and file members. Like Moses, we declare, ‘would God that all the Lord’s people were prophets, and that the Lord would put his spirit upon them!’ (Numbers 11:29). We encourage everyone to study the scriptures prayerfully and seek personal revelation to know the meaning for themselves.” (Elder Dallin H. Oaks, “Scripture Reading and Revelation”, BYU Studies Academy Meeting, January 29, 1993)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Trails come upon us and Miracles Happen!

Just want to throw this out there.  I know this is not related to Scripture study but...Anything will help, prayers included. Also, I think it is important to note that through Fasting, prayer and priesthood blessings we have seen miracles happen. The biggest change was once the priesthood was able to actual lay hands on the baby's head and a very emotion filled grandpa give a blessing right before this little guy headed into surgery when being only a week old.

My sister in law, (that I have known since she was 6) got married almost 2 years ago. On their 1st Wedding Anniversary, her Husband who was a non member and had been taking the discussions with the missionaries, got baptized. Several months later they found out they were expecting and that the baby would be here a bit after their 2nd anniversary ,where they were going to go be sealed.  Guess this little boy has a mind of his own or wants to be actually part of the sealing and decided to come 3 months early.

My sister in law and her husband have been given a great trial and I am so proud of them.
Read the link for more of the story but let me say I am so grateful to know these 3. Wendy and Ben are true hero's to me. Their strength and faith is inspiring, (especially when I think of them as so young but they aren't).

Baby Luke is a special addition to the whole family and I think great things are in store for him
I feel blessed that I was able to be part of giving blessings to Wendy and Ben (I was not the one mentioned in the article) but I did beat Wendy and the helicopter to the hospital for the first flight and was able to help with the first blessing to her.

This trial of their faith is one that might make some crumble but not these two...love you guys and I am grateful that I know you.

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  1. Hi! I found your blog while googling LDS scripture study tips. I am a mother of a preemie, she was born in 2009 14 weeks premature. We post vlogs on YouTube, please tell your sister in law to check them out. You can search for the channel LifeAsFive. My daughter is now 6 and doing very well. May give her a bit of encouragement, those first few months with a preemie are tough.