The best advice I can give is from a talk by Elder Oaks: ”Last year a church member sent me a suggestion that someone prepare a book containing all General Authority interpretations of all verses in the scriptures. I replied that I thought this was not a good idea…. What we are seeking to accomplish… is not to magnify the standing of the prophets but to elevate the spirituality of our rank and file members. Like Moses, we declare, ‘would God that all the Lord’s people were prophets, and that the Lord would put his spirit upon them!’ (Numbers 11:29). We encourage everyone to study the scriptures prayerfully and seek personal revelation to know the meaning for themselves.” (Elder Dallin H. Oaks, “Scripture Reading and Revelation”, BYU Studies Academy Meeting, January 29, 1993)

Book of Mormon Story List

Here is the list I came up with:
LabanAmliciGadianton Robbers
IshmaelZeezromSamuel the Lamanite
Lehi Tree of LifeBelivers burnedChrist's Birth foretold
Tender ParentAlma in prisonChrist's Birth
Nephi Tree of LifeAmmon & LamonhiNephi Rocks
Land of PromiseAbishChrist's death
Curious BallAnti Nephi-LehiesVoice in darkness
Nephi's BowSwords buriedChrist appears
Nephi builds shipKorihor12 called
Nephi leavesCapt Moroni arms peopleChildren & angels
Olive treeZerahemnah3 Nephites
Sherem DeniesTitle of Liberty3 Nephites persecuted
Enos PraysKingmenMormon called
Mosiah discovers people2k stripling warriorsNephites destroyed
Ammon & LimhiCity of Gid takenBro of Jared starts
AbinadiStriplings not hurtBarges built
Alma belivesHagothBro of Jared see's Christ
GideonKiskumenAkish & secerets
Limhi escapesGadiantonJaredites destroyed
Alma is struckHelamen's SonsMoroni's farewell
NehorNephi & Lehi prison